First time blogger…

Here I am….this is me. A first time blogger and a long time reader. 

I’m not sure as of yet of the direction i am heading with this blog but i know what my interests are and what I have to offer. I guess all i really hope to achieve is having an outlet for all the things I want to share with the world, the things I find interesting and the things that i feel should be shared, so I hope you find that here.

I’ll be mainly sharing my crocheting work as that’s really what i’m focusing most of my ‘energy’ on at the moment. I say it that way as I don’t really embody much energy at all. This is due to a few things, mainly suffering from a chronic illness that drains me daily and leaves me with very little encouragement to get up and do anything. But i’m at least trying to eat well too. So I guess we could share that…I could post my yummy recipes and snack ideas, too. I’m sure this blog will start taking shape once i really figure out what i’m doing here and which direction i’m heading, but until then I hope you follow with me on this journey and enjoy the things I post!


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